Hunting For Native Land

by Arms & Lanes

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Hunting For Native Land is comprised of many short and conceptually interrelated cuts, which employ a lo-fi sound intent on producing a vintage feel. Special thanks to Will VanderWyden and Wesley Berg for their support and feedback throughout the entire process. The writing and recording for Hunting took place in New Brunswick, NJ and Ottawa, ON throughout 2011.

Album photo taken along the shores of Bate Island, Canada.!/pages/Arms-Lanes/125252754218661


released January 18, 2012

Written & Performed by The Soul Doctor
Mastered by Will VanderWyden



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Arms & Lanes Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Hunting / The Rocks / It's You
Home is where your heart is


I've been looking for a soul to call home
Hunting for a place to settle down with the rocks
But I've been looking and something's coming through
Cause the feeling grew as I got closer to you


It's you
Track Name: Robust
Maybe it would be better if we locked horns
Either way the soft spines end up scorned
I’ll work on my industry
Just want your beautiful skin next to me
And I promise to protect you - I would be willing to take care of the kids
That’s not some kind of investment I just throw in
Maybe it would be better….

Can’t be all I need
There must be more than that
Can surely be divine
And leave you no the more
Has broken me before
Can use it in a pinch
Still knowing that I’ll need
Something less robust
Track Name: Yowza (droids)
Anything I would have had - had I remained
Little piece of heaven - please frequently
Working on my shirts - at km speeds
Skoka in the pack - it's quality

When I left - you lost your time
Track Name: Sweet Babes
I don't think I can reconcile the elaborate difference
That occurs between your smiles
You see the thing about sweet babies
They can only be sweet for a while
And there comes a time where they break in half
And they take you, they'll take you away
To a land where everything is anything but grey
Well I've been told this is all I need
Track Name: Our Beginning / The Moment
The moment you find the beginning
It may not be the beginning you thought you would see
So you keep looking into the future
Not to be bogged down with the pictures
Been imprinted into your memory
Track Name: Snow & Buildings / Wash / O Canada
There you are, where you are

Maple leaves and snow will guide you home
On the bike in the rain again
With the buildings in the evenings
It's a familiar kind of home

Where you are, there you are


No towpath, no visits from my girl
O Canada, you stole my life from me
You stole my life away, and what will you return?
What will you return to me?

This is in the cards
There's no reason to question the Gods
Everything will work out in odds
Everything will work out at large
Track Name: My Spacious Igloo / Tracking Cont.
And soon enough, and soon enough
I'll go back to my space
Wondering if anyone can ever fit into
What's so cold and small
As if I'm housing someone in an igloo
But this could be our igloo, made of beautiful snow
Snow that never needs to be put out
Snow, snow, snow


Oh beginnings...