Bird by Bird

by Arms & Lanes

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Recorded in New Brunswick, NJ 2010


released September 28, 2010

All songs written and performed by The Soul Doctor



all rights reserved


Arms & Lanes Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Howl
We went to the open fields and its dried up underneath
The Bluestem there is waving its hair and its shaking in the sunlight above
There’s a dog welcoming you to the cedar hue and he says come join the fray
This poor little pooch he calls this place home, but its a little easier when you’re made of stone

My girl told me that she couldn’t cook, but instead she puts out the wonderful food - and you just eat it up

So we went out to the open field and its dried out underneath
But the Bluestem well it waves at you while its shaking with the sun above
Track Name: The Northeast
The northeast has almost everything you want
There’s a train station wherever you go and coffee at the corner store
If you play your cards right you can make it to the opening show
Just continue to work hard at making people think you’re someone to know

You could buy a watch, you could buy a car, you could buy a suit, you can wear your suit on the train line, in the bar, at the happy hour - just to let people know that you’re there
It’s if when you walk in you’re instantly given some type of validation (applause)

The northeast it has the countryside though it’s a little drive
The northeast it has the waterside and though there’s trash along the shore, that shouldn’t deter your fun you can look at everyone, you could even buy a t-shirt

Join a club of like-minded individuals, join a dating site of like-minded females; it’s all within your grasp, it’s all within your power, it’s your opportunity to pass
These are what you've been blessed with in the northeast and it's mostly full of shit
Track Name: 400 Miles from Anything
I can’t move to Alaska tonight
But I can plan an escape route, plan a way to be right

There we can be all things: scary, good, and the like
Here we’re like ketchup; we need to be squeezed out, we need to come out so tight

Up in Deadhorse, when you’re on the Dalton Hwy
It’s 400 miles from anything that could ever get in your way

Oh, in Prudhoe Bay!
There’s no one there, there’s no one there, and I like it that way
Track Name: Griggstown
I went down to Griggstown, I went down to Griggstown

Went for a stroll along the orange
Outlined colors pressed in a barn
My feet can feel like a warm stove
Oxygen isn’t rent to own

It’s the grasslands!
It’s the grasslands!

Day will come with two ways to go
Off with the people and off with the dough
Straight to the wild but on your own
Walk for a while then you sleep alone

It’s the grasslands!
It’s the grasslands!

I’m in love with Griggstown
Track Name: Should I Eat More Fruit?
I don’t want the days to run over hills like wild horses, I’d prefer they come more like a milk jug on my doorstep
I don’t want the days to have the taste of lonely pretzels, I’d prefer the crunch of a tough skin mango
I don’t want the days to be filled with endless longing or regret about what I should have done with my time (instead of sleeping/eating/sleeping/eating/sleeping/eating/sleeping/eating)
I’d prefer to lose myself out on the sidewalk crossing, staring hopefully at the bodega’s worn out awning

The days should have more life than this, they should have more life than this
I prayed to the heavens from a riverbed, help me get somewhere other than my couch

At the store debating between a soda and an orange juice, looking for ways to get my head out of the refuse -
should I eat more fruit?