The Dacks

by Arms & Lanes

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Recorded in Highland Park, NJ 2008-2009


released July 21, 2009

All songs written and performed by The Soul Doctor



all rights reserved


Arms & Lanes Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Enjoy Your Lives
Enjoy your lives and thank you for the kind words
In the summer of beauty, underneath the trees in the grass
I'm walking down the block to get a drink, not thinking about anything
I’m smoking a cigarette that I made while on the Mexican desert land
No, I’m not a cavalryman though I wish I were sometimes
Just with a nice bed and not a gunshot through my head

(Your life shot down from the sky to you)
To see through the prism of beauty there’s no need to enhance
So lay out your blanket before you to bask in true romance
Track Name: Under My Headphones
Staying in on a Friday night away from the city kids
Finger snaps and low head bobs replace “Who’d you come here with?”
But boy I miss the girls standing in the hallway
Despite their peppered nose and vapid waves of talking

Staying in on a Friday night away from the city kids
Under my headphones
Track Name: Bear Mtn
Up Bear Mtn we will climb
With the snow bridge, and the river below, and the falls

Boots as big as ice cubes crash down through the tightrope
On the yellow, red, blue - I try to navigate my night and the night and the night and the night

Up Bear Mtn is where we climbed
With the snow bridge, and the river below, and the falls and the falls and the falls
Track Name: Hows and Whys
On your couch with the push and pull demonstrations
And a stomach full of Old Style at the end of my vacation
On your stereo some new and inspiring tunes
But just as I settle in you are off to bed too soon

The hows and whys led to tight-lipped goodbyes
Chicago, Mexico, and now Jericho!

I would pick you out of a lineup
Cause your positives are distinctly positive and your flaws I can't seem to think about
Even while you are telling me how you’re confused
I know these things are not for sale and its time to go

The hows and whys led to tight-lipped goodbyes to
Chicago, Mexico, and Jericho!
Track Name: Electronic Translucent Love
Electronic translucent love makes its presence known like a vibraphone
I’m not afraid of bears much less apocalyptic hallucinations
Cause maybe there lies human potential resonating

I walked into the pits of black expecting to find coal, but I walked out into the rays of light holding gold

You turn off the volume and delay, freedom and choice remain
Between stimulus and response there’s a space, within it lies electronic translucent love
It’s easy to get overstimulated by it all, but it’s always there!

I walked into the pits of black expecting to find coal
But I walked out into the rays of light holding gold
Track Name: Freezer Blue
Here is my heart on a platter for you to eat!
It doesn’t matter at all to me; you could throw it against the wall for all I care
You could step on it, use it for a punching bag - just in case you get mad
Or you could pretend that it’s just a rock despite the blood and slow tick-tock

That’s the kind of guy that I’ve become chivalrous and mostly numb
People have to punch me in the mouth just to stop me from passing out
And I owe the thanks all to you for making yourself that freezer blue
So go ahead and be how you like it’s of no consequence to me anymore
Track Name: Noogenic
I am working towards the antithesis of head clunk sound
I watch the leaves go to work with the ground
Are these strategies? Are these principles? At what price?
Do you find the light within yourself?
It's quite particular

Head clunk sound

Maybe some are good while others stray
Might a man be built on what’s he made
Now some will steal and others die
Though not always to the eye
Potential has no ceiling high so get to the plus side

Head clunk sound
Track Name: A Good Scientist
There’s a scientist who walks to work in the morning
Passes by people riding, strollers protecting children
Once he gets in his building, puts on his white lab coat
Sits down behind his desk with coffee, charts, and journals

His hypothesis always cuts into vacation
Through multiple designs and confounding implications
During his lunch he goes by the pond, throws out some breadcrumbs and wonders, “Where did I go wrong?”

He started out as a boy with dreams he couldn’t pinpoint
And now he’s ended up here with solutions he can’t locate
His fists are often a purple-blue from pounding them on the table
And some days end before they start if he’s not even able

But he always tries to focus on the future, writing in his notes, “I can’t keep hashing on my failures.”
Cause a good scientist must work every day and hope that the answer is out there somewhere